Rachael Yamagata

9:30 Club presents at U Street Music Hall. - Early Show

Rachael Yamagata

Ed Romanoff, Adrien Reju

Sun, December 9, 2012

7:00 pm

U Street Music Hall

Washington, DC


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Rachael Yamagata - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Rachael Yamagata
Easton, MD -- Front porch of producer John Alagia's house on the Chesapeake Bay.

I've just woken up from another end of the world dream where Bon Jovi was an alien planting explosive devices in cupboards that eventually cause massive flooding when I decide I need to do a morning coffee run (ok, I need cigarettes) so I grab my keys and head to town. E-Rob (Eric Robinson), our engineer, is just going to bed after working late on a vox comp for 'You Won't Let Me' and it occurs to me how I've truly lucked out with the people involved in "Chesapeake."

I am in the studio. And when I say studio, I mean Alagia's house that we've spent weeks converting into a studio. We shipped gear, borrowed microphones, amps, guitars, and a grand piano that's living in his bedroom (because that's where we get the best sound). We housed vox mics in his shower for some natural reverb and of course the porch where I write this -- a past scene of pre production jams complete with drums made out of cardboard beer cases and recycling bins -- cellos stuck in wads of duck tape so as not to slip on the floor, a wurly set up by the table of receipts I'm calling 'my office' etc.

I packed my car what seems like months ago chock full of air mattresses, giant breakfast skillets, keyboards, snow boots (unusable) and of course my diva tent -- an 8 person banana yellow monstrosity that I've been sleeping in for some time now to carve out a little private space for moi as well as leave room for the house full of amazing musicians that have come to play. There have been rounds of plumbers and air conditioner technicians, trips to Target for the inflatable pool that has since garnered a crop circle impression on the lawn for a mere $79.95, and thank you dad for the grill donation -- let there be burgers.

The players are my dream team, the kinds that have taken years to find and make history with. We've been saying 'there's a lot of love in the room' and there must be because schedules have been routed, carpools arranged -- anything to help a girl now financing her own career full throttle. Victor Indrizzo has a week off from Sheryl Crow's tour and when he's not doing the dishes has laid down some of the most bad-ass drum tracks that I've ever heard. Mike Viola (Candy Butchers, Walk Hard, Get Him To The Greek) has already tracked harmonies to rival The Beach Boys and The Carpenters and truth be told, wears sunglasses while in his pajamas. Michael Chaves (John Mayer, Five For Fighting) is the guru of vibe on guitar, only wears black and insists on sleeping on the couch as if it's the best room in the house. Kevin Salem (Dumptruck, Yo La Tengo) is still doing additional tracks he dreams up between producing underground Pakistani superstars as well as shuttling English cellist Oli Kraus (Sia, Duffy) down from NYC -- the same cellist I once leaned over to my friend at a Beth Orton concert 8 years ago saying 'someday I'll have strings like that', but that's another story... And of course Tom Freund who will forever be known as Starfish for the way he spreads out in a bed -- not that grown men are sharing beds here or anything. He can make you cry when he plays upright.

There is no label -- only my own -- and I'm pretty sure the artwork for this record will come down to Camera+, the iPhone app that works wonders on pictures. The stash of cash that Dad put away for my wedding has been put to use here along with whatever frequent flyer miles I knew I'd use someday. I launched my PledgeMusic campaign, which a psychic recently told me was karmic. I quickly reached my goal thanks to my incredible fans, and formed my own independent team of folks to get this record out. I must say it is all going along swimmingly.

The reunion with Alagia and the people in the room have been on instinct the best contribution I've made to this entire process. Viola, Kevin and Chaves have all been in the driver's seat for some of my recordings and who knew you could get multiple producers in the room with no trace of ego whatsoever. It is 'Big Pink' and the drums are set up in the kitchen, it fulfills every idea of 'camp' and when the band decides one track out of ten didn't feel at the right tempo they will recut it 3 hours before their morning flight because they care so much. I am in a constant state of verklempt and the looseness of this whole shebang made a perfect transition into creative spontaneity that I think is going to surprise many.

The songs are deep but not sorrowful and there is a sense of humor in some that can only come out when you are sleeping in a tent and considering the name 'Frankenfish' for the album title, but "Chesapeake" won out and Frankenfish became the name of my label. Midway through recording the album, we had a listening party bbq tonight where one person said to me that the songs sound like I'm in control of my own life now and I think she is right. "Chesapeake" has been made with a lot of love in the room (and tequila) and like the Franken fish that can swim and walk on land is surprising the hell outta me.
Ed Romanoff - (Set time: 8:15 PM)
Ed Romanoff
Ed Romanoff’s 2012 self-titled debut is a gritty masterwork of melancholic and atmospheric Americana. The 11 songs were recorded with Crit Harmon (Lori McKenna, Martin Sexton), Josh Ritter, Tift Merritt, and Meg Hutchinson. Mary Gauthier and Dave Mattacks also feature.

The record evokes the swampy mysticism of New Orleans and the kind of redemption you find at the end of an introspective night with a good bottle of whiskey. “There is something compelling about why I’m doing this now,” Ed says thoughtfully. “There is truth in a good song, and when you pursue it, and write about something real, you find out something real and true about yourself. And the more you do it, the more it helps you heal, and it heals others in a similar way. It’s a crazy circle but it works.”

His incredible story is proven in the tracks which cut a wide emotional swath, from the good‐natured sorry-I-messed-up sentimentality of “I Must Have Done Something Right” to the brave vulnerability of “St. Vincent De Paul”, written after a visit to an orphanage in New Orleans. A chance encounter with Nashville songwriter Mary Gauthier led to him being invited, extraordinarily, to perform on Mary’s world tour. Ed joined Mary on tour and performed his songs in theatres across ten countries in front of thousands of people, then on radio and television before millions, live ‘on air.’

Soon after the tour Ed opted to take a DNA test to feel closer to his Russian father, who had passed away many years before. He received the shock of his life in June 2010, when he learned that the father he grew up with was not his biological father after all. The DNA results of several tests confirmed heritage was actually from Ireland or Scotland. On “St. Vincent De Paul” Ed sings about the search for his father with weathered sincerity: “If we met on the street/Would I Know His Face?/And would he look into mine/And find there is a trace/Of a woman he loved once/A long time ago/Or would I pass him right by/And not even know it/A basket of rushes in a river of men.”

Ed's upcoming tour will mark his first time to Ireland after learning the truth about his background. Inevitably, for Ed, the trip will be an emotional one!

Today, Ed continues to write songs and is currently working on a book about the search for his father. He lives in Brooklyn with his rescue dog from Costa Rica, Freckles and the two travel together.
Adrien Reju - (Set time: 7:30 PM)
Adrien Reju
Lucky Ones, produced by Jack Dishel (Only Son, The Moldy Peaches, Regina Spektor), is the sophomore effort from New York-based singer and songwriter Adrien Reju. The new album is a departure from the folk vibe of her debut release A Million Hearts and shows evolution and growth from the artist with its edgier pop sound, orchestral arrangements, and retro-rock backbeat drums, offering something fresh for dedicated fans and new listeners. 

When negotiations with a NYC-based independent record label broke down due to differences, Reju sought out PledgeMusic, a Kickstarter-like fundraising platform, to help her release the new album. To launch the campaign, Reju and producer Jack Dishel, who bonded over their love for comedy, together created a comedic sketch short film entitled “The Mysterious Producer.” The success of the campaign was notable, raising over 125% of its target from supporters in the United States and as far afield as the United Kingdom and Germany. Matt Connor of PledgeMusic took notice of the new album, saying, "the compelling mix places Reju firmly alongside today’s most celebrated female pop songwriters."

Her music has received accolades from the New York SongCircle, awards from 100% Music Songwriting Contest, a Top 10 Songwriter listing by CBS Philly, and soundtrack appearances, including the opening credits of Hallmark Movie Channel’s "Flower Girl."
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