The Hush Sound

9:30 Club presents at U Street Music Hall

The Hush Sound

Merriment, Falls

Saturday Aug 6

7:00 pm


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The Hush Sound - (Set time: 8:45 PM)

The Hush Sound’s journey began in 2005 in the way most young bands do: as a group of friends playing together in their parent’s basement after high school. Songwriters Bob Morris and Greta Morgan would write their quirky piano and guitar driven pop songs in between Greta’s homework sessions and Bob’s duty as a lifeguard at the local swimming pool. After writing a batch of songs, the two were joined by drummer Darren Wilson and bass player Chris Faller, other locals in the Chicago music scene.

The group began playing shows in suburban basements, VFW Halls, and community theaters soon after. They were only in high school but their lyrics told shrewd truths and their baroque pop melodies spoke to an audience looking for something more; something different than the standard fare of midwestern angst.
The band never dreamt that by the end of that year, they’d be invited to open arena tours across the US, the UK, and Japan and go on to share the stage with artists like OK GO, Phantom Planet, The Dresden Dolls, One Republic and beyond.

Thanks to a devoted fanbase and word of mouth appeal, it wasn’t long before The Hush Sound solidified their place in the contemporary college radio canon. Their diverse influences and musical stylings resulted in a unique pop sound that bridges the gaps between power pop, folk, classic rock and pop music. A sound which grew and evolved with each record - So Sudden (2005), Like Vines (2006), and finally Goodbye Blues (2008); collectively selling over 200,000 copies. After a full year of adrenaline rushing and back-breaking touring to promote Goodbye Blues, the band subsequently took time off to explore other creative opportunities.

It’s been eight years since The Hush Sound started playing together at those DIY spaces across Chicagoland. But the energy and soul of the band -- the honesty and character that made them your favorite band to begin with -- remain unchanged. And since the band connected to start touring again in 2013, The Hush Sound will continue playing live shows and is slated to release new music in 2013.

Stay tuned, people. The Hush Sound is back.
Merriment - (Set time: 7:45 PM)
Christie DuPree vocals, guitar Collin DuPree guitar

With their four older siblings and cousin comprising indie pop outfit Eisley, their brother-in-laws consisting of Max Bemis of Say Anything and Darren King of Mutemath, their mother being a vocalist and their father being a band manager – it surely would surprise none that Christie and Collin, the two youngest members of the DuPree family, would choose to embark on an equally creative and musical path of their own. The young duo has essentially grown up on the road, having toured alongside Eisley nearly non-stop since they were young kids, and have made the move to sharing the stage with the band as the opening act on recent tours.

Prior to their days of performing though, the band spent their time honing their skills, learning as much as possible about music and songwriting, and developing their own unique sound. “I think I was 13 or 14 when I first started trying to write songs, I would just open up Garageband and record myself making up melodies and such. Then after a while I asked one of my sisters to show me a few chords on guitar, and started writing songs that way,” states Christie. “And since our mom sings too, we grew up always singing with her.”

Christie kicked off her recording career in 2010, with the aforementioned Darren King serving as engineer on her very first [untitled] EP, which led Christie to the first tour offer opening for Eisley. Having accompanied Christie on guitar for the tour, it only made sense to have Collin officially join her as a collaborator on the project when it came up for the follow-up recording, and first official release.

The four-track album, Through The Rough, was recorded in their hometown of Tyler, TX, with the assistance of Andy Freeman for the recording, engineering and mixing of the EP. The duo self- released the album on March 6, 2012 and later released a vinyl split 7” with Eisley, featuring the EP’s title track, on July 3, 2012.
The true beauty ofThrough The Roughlies within its seemingly simple, yet subtly intricate compositions. While on the surface each track carries the sound of delicate sweetness, further listens reveal a mesmerizing darkness within the lyrics, fueled by the pure pain of love lost. Musically the album is airy and whimsical with light, dancing guitarwork and gentle percussions guiding along the angelic, emotional vocal work of Christie.

Merriment will spend the remainder of the year touring in support of Through The Rough and writing for their next release. “We're both overjoyed and so thankful that people have been responding so well to our EP," Christie concludes. "And we hope that they'll love whatever we do next too!”

Their memorable tunes blend together elements of indie, folk-Americana and pop music - reminiscent of the innovative likes
of Iron and Wine, Red House Painters, and Bon Iver, offering a graceful, modern sound that is sure to appeal to the masses and displays a musical maturity well beyond their years.
Falls - (Set time: 7:00 PM)

They met. They fell in love. They wrote songs.
They fought. They made up. They broke up. They wrote songs.

At a time when for most it would be the end of a relationship, for Sydney band The Falls this feels like just the beginning...

Almost subconsciously they have documented their whole relationship in their songs. The love, the betrayal, the heartbreak. While at times it is hard for them to wear their hearts so openly on their sleeve, for The Falls, it has been a huge part of their songwriting.

In the fallout from Valentines Day, The Falls decided that rather than wallowing in self-pity they would put their heartbreak to tape. So they pulled out their little tascam 4-track portastudio, which, with all its tape wobbles and noise, aptly captured the fragility of their hearts. These fledgling recordings were just the beginning of what has become their debut EP 'HOLLYWOOD'.

In late 2011, The Falls hit the studio with producer Tony Buchen (Old Man River, Andy Bull, WIM, Washington) to record 'Hollywood'. The Hotel Hollywood in Sydney, has featured so strongly in their lives that it was inevitable that it would manifest itself in this way. For most of 2010 and 2011, it was where they could be found playing each week at a little, somewhat undiscovered, night of free music that emerged from the back streets of Surry Hills called Folk Club. It is also where they met, where they found their sound and where they wrote these songs.

In this intimate setting, the connection between these two onstage was palpable. Their emotionally fueled live performances are compelling to watch, sometimes heartbreakingly so, garnering reviews such as "intoxicating melodies and gorgeous harmonies" and "(their) strength lies in their ability to convey raw emotion and wisdom in their lyrics".

Buchen managed to imprint some of this Hollywood magic on each track, recording the reverbs for the EP down in the bowels of the hotel, in the downstairs men's toilets. So, each song has on it a little Hollywood porcelain reverb or 'pee-verb' as they've been calling it.

'HOLLYWOOD' debuted at no.2 on the Australian iTunes singer songwriter chart and has been receiving rave reviews. The Falls debut single HOME has been added to rotation on Triple J and RADAR and has been receiving extensive play on community radio. The single and the EP have been added to ABC Radio national Australia wide and HOME was included on a mix CD on the cover of YEN magazine in July 2012. A live clip of The Falls song 'Girl That I love' filmed by Folk Club at The Hotel Hollywood (Sydney) was featured nationally on free to air TV on Channel 7's 'Weekend Sunrise' program in November 2012.

Having toured nationally this year with The Lumineers (USA) and Of Monsters And Men (Iceland), Passenger (UK) and Avalanche City (NZ) in 2012, The Falls are fast developing an impressive live resume which also includes performances at the Surry Hills Festival, Peat's Ridge Art and Music Festival, Gulgong Folk Festival and Nunnup Music Festival, Communion and Sofar Sounds in Melbourne, as well as shows with Lior, Husky and Matt Corby. Having also shared the stage with one of their idles Graham Nash, when he was in Australia on tour with Crosby, Stills & Nash, The Falls have had an incredible 12 months.

The Falls showcased at APRA's Song Summit 2012, BIGSOUND 2012 in Brisbane and were part of the MGM/Street Press Australia official showcase at the inaugural ARIA Week 2012. In March 2013, they toured North America for the first time which included a performance at Communion NYC, and showcases at SXSW (Austin, TX) and Canadian Music Week (Toronto, ON).

With an unmistakable sound, barefoot collaborators and best friends The Falls are gently making a name for themselves in 2013.
Venue Information:
U Street Music Hall
1115 U Street NW
Washington, DC, 20009