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Friday Nov 24

10:00 pm


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At first he was just a kid at a computer. Born into a generation whose musical culture is forged in just a couple of clicks, Brodinski spent much of his youth creating mp3 files, first in his hometown of Reims, and then in Lille where he went to study.

This included techno, of course, from Erol Alkan to Andrew Weatherall, but also Nine Inch Nails-style rock and the slick and menacing rap of artists like Three 6 Mafia and their Southern sound.

From an early age, Brodinski began to see music as a vast world without boundaries, where artists are no longer restricted by categories, and what truly counts is their drive and passion. In Reims, Brodinski spent time hanging out in the studio of the producer Yuksek, alongside a group who later went on to form The Shoes.

In this musical melting pot, he quickly started working on his first mixes, sending them off to the blogs that began to proliferate online in the mid-2000s. Brodinski knew very early on what he wanted to do with his life: play music, and be a DJ. He liked the idea of sharing his music, of getting a crowd going, of creating a vibe, with sets that expanded musical horizons all while blurring genres.

After the mixes came the club gigs. And so it was that Brodinski became a proper DJ, the new face of a burgeoning French techno scene. Like a track that downloads in the blink of an eye, it all happened very quickly. The young DJ lined up gigs, travelling, exploring the world and its cultures, and meeting people who went on to become friends and inspirations for life, including DJ Mehdi and Pedro Winter, as well as Tiga and 2 Many DJs. The years passed at breakneck speed.

In 2011, he decided to take his career in a new direction, launching the Bromance label with his manager Manu Barron. A name that is no coincidence: Brodinski sees his life as an organic whole, in which his career and his friends' enjoyment are inextricably linked. The various artists who have made up the ranks of the label, Gesaffelstein, Club Cheval and the American Louisahhh!!! are all close friends, who share more than just a taste for the turntables with the DJ. At the helm of this team, the proud champion of French electronic music, Brodinski added yet another string to his bow. No longer just a DJ, he was a team leader, an artistic director, a conductor. He gave direction, putting his own distinctive signature on people's music.

Soon, people were coming to him for his instinct as a tastemaker. And more recently, Brodinski has turned his hand to producing, for Kanye West and Theophilus London, two music legends who he met on his travels. His collaborations with them are nothing more than the result of a mutual passion.

Throughout this prolific career, there was only one box left to be checked: an album. A few months ago, after all these years DJing around the world, Brodinski, now 27, put the brakes on his frenetic career to set up in the studio and finally check that box. To translate his creative vision, Brodinski called upon two of his friends; DJ Kore, collaborator of a string of French rappers, as well as the behemoth that is Rick Ross, and Myd, meticulous producer of the Club Cheval quartet to help shape his musical productions as best as possible. This album is first and foremost a story of friendship; teamwork carried out in a relaxed and positive atmosphere.

Brodinski has infused this record with all the influences that have fueled him over the years. He sought out an exciting ensemble of rappers and singers from NY, Atlanta, LA, Chicago and Australia, whose explosive styles are blended to create a sound where techno and rap are at the core of the many elements.

With this record, Brodinski has created a heady mix, an intoxicating style where you forget about genres and just dance and chill. A record that reflects a life.
DJ DeTroyt
DJ DeTroyt
Born in Detroit, Mich., a city that founded Motown greats such as Marvin Gaye and The Jackson 5, DJ Detroit was always surrounded by music.

His father was a baseball player, his grandmother was a singer, and he grew to initially be a percussionist.

Throughout his entire life he played for his church's choir, and later his high school's marching band.

He applied to Howard University and was initially denied admission, until someone heard his percussive skills and offered him a scholarship.

During his freshman year, DeTroyt got the opportunity to work with his friend, mentor, and Howard D.J., Terrell Williams, or DJ Chubb E. Swagg on the infamous Twerk Tape I mixtape as the sole audio engineer.

This is when DeTroyt was first exposed to deejaying and jokingly said, "It was me chasing Chubb E....I fell in love with how you can really just get lost in deejaying. You don't have to look up, or around, it's just like every emotion you want to make happen, happens right then and there."

When Williams discovered that DeTroyt was not just an audio engineer, but also a skillful percussionist and producer, he decided to take him under his wing.

For a year, DeTroyt worked under Williams and next to Raleigh, N.C. native and Howard alum, DJ LR.

"I believe in his talent," said Martica Anderson, SOC alum.
These two were working together at WHBC when Anderson said she noticed, "he had an extreme amount of talent and I took it upon myself to support him as a friend and pushed him into deejaying."

It was not until he was a featured D.J. on the Twerk Tape IV, alongside DJ Chubb E. Swagg, DJ LR, and fresh face DJ Kaptain, that DeTroyt started seeing his fame rise to unexpected levels on several college campuses.

DeTroyt is pursuing his next dream of conquering the international clue scene, festivals like Coachella and Ultra, and possibly a few world tours.
K Cap
K Cap
It started with house parties in suburban Massachusetts - jury-rigged speakers inside of packed, unfinished basements. It grew into a passion for tomorrow's most eclectic sounds and rhythms.
Kevin Capasso is a Producer and DJ from Washington, DC that spans numerous genres and formats. Kevin grew up playing guitar in jazz ensembles and rock bands, but got hooked on instrumental hip-hop and house in high school. He started to experiment with Garageband and DJ software, and found a balance between his classmate's favorite hits and his collection of bass-heavy tracks and tools. After moving to the District for college, he first started out playing nightclubs and parties, and not long after landed several local support slots at venues such as U Street Music Hall, Flash, and Soundcheck. His performances include support for Chance the Rapper, Run the Jewels, Brodinski, Sonna Fodera, The Knocks, Gina Turner, B.Traits, Grouplove, Luca Lush, Cosmos Midnight, Chrome Sparks, and more.
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U Street Music Hall
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Washington, DC, 20009