Flint Eastwood

9:30 Club presents at U Street Music Hall

Flint Eastwood

Nydge, Honest Haloway

Friday Feb 2

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm


This event is all ages

Flint Eastwood
Flint Eastwood

Flint Eastwood, the fast rising upstart is fresh off a whirlwind 2017 that brought her acclaimed debut EP Broke Royalty via Neon Gold Records (Tove Lo, Charli XCX), as well as marquee festival debuts at Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo.

In her hometown of Detroit, she has also been instrumental in supporting the local music scene, co-founding Assemble Sound, a collaboration studio space for local musicians to "meet, find resources, and ultimately create good art." Together they raised funds to purchase a church from the 1870's and renovated it as a community, with the space now where Flint writes and records her music, and even sparked the concept of her Broke Royalty album.

Look for new music coming in Summer 2018.

Nydge is a producer and songwriter from Detroit, MI. He was born in a hospital, and despite being named after a race car driver, he drives a reliable Honda Civic. He loves podcasts, but he hates the talkshow ones. He likes plants, but all of his plants are dead and he feels bad about it. He can replace the brake pads on your car. He knows more about synthesizers than he does about microeconomics. Like most of America, he dropped out of community college. He used to love Trent Reznor.

In summer 2017, He stepped out from a behind-the-scenes producer role and started releasing the tracks he's produced and co-written as the artist "Nydge". Since beginning his steady release of singles, his music has been streamed over 700,000 times and he's opened for acts like BANKS, SG Lewis, Flint Eastwood & Vesperteen. With the help of spotify's curated playlists (Alternative R&B, Young & Free, Weekly Buzz, Indie-pop), Nydge has received the attention of blogs and listeners alike. Indieshuffle speaks highly of his most popular single Won't You Call Me: "Another rare gem from Detroit, some wonderful collision of atoms. The reaction is straight chemical; the perfect high." Nydge has also placed songs on TV and is played in retail stores around the world.
Honest Haloway
Honest Haloway

Honest Haloway began as a solo passion project helmed by songwriter Tim Kratzer in a bedroom in Washington DC in 2010. In the early stages, the music was nothing more than a creative outlet where he could convey his wordless evocations into a collection of songs without the intent or expectations to produce tangible outcomes, let alone see the stage.

By 2011, Kratzer had recorded and released his debut EP titled The Towns featuring five new synth heavy songs that contained remnants of his previous band, The Vita Ruins, but with a more lush and melodic sound and a deeper level of intimate song writing influenced by his personal life. He soon translated the music into live performances and took the songs to the stage where he played dozens of shows over the course of 2 years during which the project developed into a full band with a rotating group of local musician friends.

Kratzer embarked on a hiatus in 2013, but returned with the intention of crafting a follow up album and began leaping forward musically and conceptually. He drew inspiration from his travels and began further experimenting with ethereal effects and developing various production methods. The result was 2014’s Perigee, which proved to be a smooth departure from his previous work delineating a much brighter and cleaner dream pop effect to the otherwise lyrically melancholy songs.

After 2 EP’s, several years of performing and opening for larger acts, Honest Haloway has now evolved into a 5 member band consisting of D.C. music veterans, Fico Lazzaro-Colon and Ed Barnabas (both of Cedars, and Ms. Director), Greg Balleza (The Vita Ruins, Incredible Change) & Paul Burgess (Yesferatu, Incredible Change). The band is now working on recording their first full-length album. Together, the members have progressed and redefined the band’s essence by each bringing their own unique stamp to the guitar heavy songs on the new album, which are noticeably darker and more transient than those of previous works. Honest Haloway’s third album is set to be out in 2018.
Venue Information:
U Street Music Hall
1115 U Street NW
Washington, DC, 20009