Billy Kenny

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Billy Kenny

Roman Cleiss, zacheser

Saturday May 12

10:30 pm



This event is 21 and over

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Billy Kenny
Billy Kenny
You did good m8. You have arrived at the ear melting sounds of house music’s favourite partyboi, Billy Kenny. From Leeds to Hannover to Los Angeles, this Gin Sippin’ tower of hair has spent time soaking it all in. Now in his prime, with total mastery of the nobs and dials, Billy Kenny is raging all over the world. With absolutely no regard for convention, every sound he designs in the studio is a unique blend of everywhere he’s touched. Between shows and even at his own shows, you can often find Mr. Kenny sharing your dance floor and banging his head right alongside you and your crew when he’s not playing. Juan could say he likes to have his share of fun and that FOMO is NOT an option.

As co-owner of the highly respected Germany-based This Ain’t Bristol, Billy is also responsible for scouting many of the hits that the record label has disseminated. His high energy mixing, sampling, and scratching with four CDJ’s is as thrilling to see as it is to hear. Even a bathroom break during a Billy Kenny set is a challenge as you won’t want to miss a single transition. This prolific British producer has also created a reputation for topping the charts, grabbing him quite a few accolades from the likes of Beatport, the BMA’s, and more. This is just start of your relationship with Billy Kenny and we have no doubt that the sex is fantastic.
Roman Cleiss
Based in Washington, D.C., zacheser is a difficult DJ, producer, and label boss to nail down. Having attracted attention for his eccentricities both on and off the decks, he started DJ'ing in clubs in 2014 quickly gaining notoriety for his border crossing sets that melded house, disco, techno, and everything in between.

Since then, zacheser has released records on some of house music's hottest and most respected labels such as HotBOi Records, Younan Music, OKNF, and Sweets and Treats. In 2017, the self-proclaimed "burgerdad" added label owner to his resume when he founded the tech leaning imprint CHUB RUB which he uses to showcase the chunkier side of house and techno. Despite being a young label, zacheser's vision with CHUB RUB has already led to a dedicated following that is curated around wonky house, being weird, and keeping it real.

Additionally, zacheser has been an active participant and vocal advocate of the body positive and fat acceptance movements since his teenage years - oftentimes using his visibility as a DJ to promote body positivity for young people.
Venue Information:
U Street Music Hall
1115 U Street NW
Washington, DC, 20009