LIFE: Get Yours

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LIFE: Get Yours

Lemz, Scottie B, Vjuan Allure

Sunday Apr 14

10:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

LIFE: Get Yours
Second Sundays just got legendary. If you’re here for a history lesson from some of the finest in the DMV, look no further than U St Music Hall for a floor-shaking exploration of the annals of house, vogue, and all the good shit in between that paved the way for today’s generation of underground club music. Lemz, Scottie B, and Vjuan Allure present LIFE. Come get yours.

B2B2B All Night
Lemz makes the dance floor feel like both a home and an escape. As a DJ/producer, his club sets and original productions run the gamut from disco, house, electro, and club – even a bit of top 40 pop when the time is right – plus he can read almost any crowd like an open book. Behind a pair of Technics since the age of 12, Lemz’s early foundation in the craft led to a seemingly effortless skill that belies his laser-driven focus and constant challenge to surprise, and thrill, his audiences. Born in California and raised in Baltimore, the now DC-resident has racked up an impressive roster of parties (Sleaze, Rough House) and residencies in our nation’s capital with seemingly no intention of slowing down. It may look like he wants to rule the scene, but he really just wants to make you dance.
Scottie B
Scottie B
Becoming one of the most requested and sought after djs in the world isn’t something that happens overnight. Scottie B has accomplished what every other DJ aspires to: he’ll forever be known as the innovator of a musical genre that transformed a regional sound into a style that now influences countless DJs worldwide.

Baltimore Club music is raw. Ol’ Dirty Bastard raw. Like eating hamburger that has not been cooked, teeth clenched into the meat as blood drips down your chin, raw. B-more Club music prides itself on being rough, rugged. It’s nothing if not unpretentious.

“The DJ was an extension of the crowd,” Scottie B says, “and there was a lot of nonsense going on at these clubs, from fist fights to cheating, so the sound was made as a reflection of that.”

This is the kind of primal music that makes you want to dance. It exists off emotion. In the late 1980s, Scottie B was known for his ability to mix any style of music, and out of this developed a hybrid of hip-hop, house, club and hip-house. The sound is exemplified by an 8/4 beat structure, a tempo that ranges from 126 to 130 beats per minute. There might be sampled break beats of the songs, repetitive hooks of well known hip-hop and R&B songs, as well as the use of weird pop culture references and of course, most notably, there’s the kind of raw sex talk that would make Luke from 2 Live Crew blush and Bill O’Reilly’s head explode.

Besides being one of the pioneers of the scene and a top-notch DJ and producer, Scottie B also runs one of the most successful B-more Club record labels, Unruly Records (, with his partner, Shawn Caesar. Since 1994, they have been putting out the best releases in B-more Club, and their label roster now reads like a Who’s Who of the scene, with artists such as Rod Lee, Blaqstarr, KW Griff, DJ Class, Say Wut and K-Swift.

"I know everybody will say Scottie B = club music, but I play more than that, you know what I mean," he says. "And I try to get out of that hole to a point. Of course, I want 'em to know who the best guy for that job is, but it's not the only job that I can do."
Vjuan Allure
Vjuan Allure
One of ballroom's biggest talents is a Vjuan Allure. It's not Vaughn or Vonn, - (though it IS pronounced that way) it's VJUAN. A true International enigma that has caught the Dance Music-World by storm, Vjuan is not just a DJ but a producer, re-mixer, artist, dancer, speaker, club host, promoter & a radio station personality – you name it, Vjuan Allure does it with ease and a winning smile that proves that he was definitely born to entertain. He's the beatmaker behind the twist on Masters At Work's "The Ha Dance", also known as the Allure Ha by voguers, Vjuan is a force to be reckoned with. Non-stop energy and passion is what drives him to incredible performances whether it's for an intimate crowd or a huge dance arena with guest numbering in the thousands – he is comfortable, confident, and approachable. Catch his long anticipated return to Lit City Rave this Friday with Kevin JZ Prodigy around the mix.
Venue Information:
U Street Music Hall
1115 U Street NW
Washington, DC, 20009