9:30 Club presents at U Street Music Hall - Early Show


ACME, Nike Nando

Sunday Dec 29

7:00 pm


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This event is all ages

RDGLDGRN - (Set time: 9:30 PM)

RDGLDGRN (pronounced red gold green) have already distinguished themselves in the DC music scene. Their highly stylized sound (that Go Go drum beat- a distinct DC rhythm) takes hip-hop infused punk and indie rock to create something refreshingly unique, is getting attention from fans stretching far beyond the DC niche scene.

Comprised of three members who identify as Red, Gold, and Green, RDGLDGRN began making music in their basement studio, drawing from a vast and almost ironically diverse pool of influences like Chuck Brown, Vampire Weekend, Outkast, The Neptunes, and Bad Brains. What many might consider a wildly ambitious, even impossible task to pull off, RDGLDGRN managed to effortlessly combine genres of music to create something new, something all their own, and something that has the music industry buzzing with excitement.

The band gained widespread recognition when they self-released a song called “I Love Lamp” on YouTube- a way for friends and local fans to listen to their music. They had no idea that within just a few weeks, the video would have over 100,000 views and the attention of many notable figures both in the industry as well as on the blogosphere.

Producer Kevin Augunas (Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Cold War Kids) quickly took notice of the band, and in addition to producing RDGLDGRN’s debut, also signed them to his label, Fairfax Recordings (Gotye, Tribes) in a joint venture with Universal Republic Records.

Upon entering the legendary Sound City Studio in Van Nuys, CA, a studio where Fleetwood Mac recorded ‘Rumours’ and Nirvana recorded ‘Nevermind’, RDGLDGRN were fortunate enough to have captured the attention of Nirvana alum, Foo Fighters front man, and hometown hero, Dave Grohl who recorded drums on the entire album.

It wasn’t just rock royalty that took notice of RDGLDGRN, the hip-hop community was also taken by the band’s unique sound. Genre-bending artist, producer, and designer, Pharrell Williams (N.E.R.D., The Neptunes), co-wrote and co-produced the standout track “Doing the Most”, lending his distinct style to one of the most unique tracks on the album that showcases Green’s undeniable talent for rapping and singing infused with Pharrell’s style of unusual beats and musical wit.

The result is a debut that truly demonstrates the group’s ability to straddle genre lines, to combine musical polarities and unite both artists and fans over music that’s multifaceted. However, it’s not the musical intricacies, or the obscure combination of influences, that make RDGLDGRN who they are. It’s their ability to create something entirely fresh and new, something that’s often overlooked in this state of the industry where musicians try to stay afloat by following trends. If you ask RDGLDGRN who their biggest influences are, they’d tell you the Beatles and Bob Marley. And while RDGLDGRN don’t exactly sound like those legendary artists, they do share in common something less tangible- they all have made it a point to carve their own path by creating something entirely unique.
ACME - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
The DC band/ production duo "A Company That Makes Everything" or more commonly known as ACME ,are an exciting approach to music with a sound that is all their own. Joshua Davis ( beat production, dj, guitar) and Cheakaity "Che" Brown ( vocals, guitar, drums, piano, synths,) are the men behind the moniker. No one has been able to accurately place them in a genre due to their shape shifting sounds and styles that vary from song to song(sometimes during songs). However whether it be on one of their intriguing EP's or their electrifying, rip-roaring live performances one thing is clear; the people love ACME! With influences ranging from Neil Young, to Kraftwerk, to Kanye West, to Kirk Franklin , it's safe to say that ACME's sound is an eclectic mix of the best of many worlds. ACME gained popularity in the DC underground music scene by throwing house parties reminiscent of the movie" Project X", in which they would throw concerts from their living room with anywhere from 300-500 fans in attendance. They have stayed true to their roots while in performing at locals venues such as The Black Cat and The Howard Theater, " We try to bring the party on stage" states the band .
Nike Nando - (Set time: 7:45 PM)
Nike Nando
Nike Nando is an American rapper of African American and Puerto Rican descent from Washington, D.C. Born Fernando Garcia, Nando embodies the true essence of hip-hop drawing inspiration from Jay-Z, Kanye West, Wu-Tang Clan and J-Dilla. His classic style displays a poetic flow with the gift to paint masterful, hip-hop pictures of pain and personal growth. Working to claim his position amongst a myriad of aspiring hip-hop artists, Nando has released a total of 8 mixtapes since 2007 and recently debuted The SprdLV Mixtape on March 25, 2013. His non-stop grind and hustle have allowed him to open for the likes of Stalley, Rockie Fresh, Pac Div and Travis Porter.

Much like his past works, Nando’s most recent offering is a prime example of incomparable ambition and artistic flair.
Venue Information:
U Street Music Hall
1115 U Street NW
Washington, DC, 20009