Mikal Cronin

9:30 Club presents at U Street Music Hall.

Mikal Cronin

Calvin Love, The Cairo Gang

Tuesday Sep 22

7:00 pm


This event is all ages

Mikal Cronin - (Set time: 9:50 PM)

MCIII is the third album from Californian singer-songwriter Mikal Cronin. Marked by the lush arrangements, stunning melodies, and deeply personal lyrical work for which Cronin is now known, the album is also a deliberate attempt to simply “go big.”

Written and recorded over the course of 2014, between long bouts of touring, MCIII finds the Laguna Beach native splitting his latest full-length statement into two distinct halves. On Side A, behold a shimmering tsunami of furious, undeniable pop songs. On Side B, marvel at a beautifully wrought concept record in miniature, built around the radiant retelling of what Cronin calls his “coming-of-age” story: After leaving California to go to school in the Pacific Northwest, he found himself alone and adrift, struggling with debilitating back pain and a dissolving sense of self. “It’s about a pivotal moment in my life that changed things, just within a couple of months,” he says. “It was a shifting point that sent me on the path to doing what I’m doing right now.”

As he did on his self-titled 2011 debut and 2013’s MCII, Cronin arranged and played nearly all of the record himself, including the tzouras, a traditional Greek string instrument he heard and subsequently bought while on tour in Athens. There’s French horn, saxophone, and trumpet. There are mood-altering crescendos and heartbreaking turns-of-phrase, guitars both gorgeous and pugnacious. No longer satisfied with the sound of “just one string player,” Cronin arranged parts for a full string quartet instead.

“It’s a continuation of what I’ve been trying to do up until now, but I’m finding a better way to do it,” he says. “I’m finding a more successful way of working those unexpected elements and textures and instruments into a rock record, of exploring that wormhole and mushing everything together harmoniously. I like riding the line between the two,” he adds. “I like finding new ways to bring different musical worlds together.”
Calvin Love - (Set time: 8:40 PM)
Calvin Love

CALVIN LOVE walks amidst a realm of conflicting dualism. His creative demeanor blends gritty exploration and an effortlessly cool croon. He's twisted and beautiful and reels you in through wistful verse, entrancing rhythms and weighty synthesized pleas.
He strings you along. A thrust and a swoon, a lover lost, he asks you to come back to him. And you do. And then he leaves, with cigarette smoke marking his trail.

Delivering suave and demented tunes, nostalgic and spun through otherworldly calculations.He's a stranded space captain locked in his cockpit recording his final thoughts, or a madman explorer roaming the bush with mismatched socks, good luck charms in his pocket and a rucksack of illicit findings.
The Cairo Gang - (Set time: 7:30 PM)

THE CAIRO GANG is a musical declaration uniting the romanticists with the doomsayers for a round of high fives and hand shakes. Over the course of recent years, The Cairo Gang has been a lingering passion for Emmett Kelly, a stimulated singer/songwriter with an impressive list of musicians in his rolodex. Performing with a back up band or solo, Kelly always brings a freshened thrill to the world of quiet rock music. After mastering countless instruments, Kelly decided to put his skills to work and record some tunes that have been afloat in his headspace. And thank the heavens he did, because this album perfectly tweaks the butterflies in all of our stomachs. The Cairo Gang has toured with Beth Orton, The Fall, and many others, and has collaborated on a number of albums with Will Oldham aka Bonnie "Prince" Billy.
Venue Information:
U Street Music Hall
1115 U Street NW
Washington, DC, 20009